May Slugfest Baseball Tournament?

The May Slugfest Baseball Tournament is coming up soon! Get all the information you need to know about the tournament and how to sign up.


The May Slugfest Baseball Tournament is a great opportunity for your team to get some good competitive games in and see where you stand against other teams in the area. This tournament is open to all teams, regardless of their skill level, and we welcome all teams to come out and participate.

What is Slugfest?

Slugfest is a type of baseball tournament usually held in the month of May. It is so named because it is a tournament where teams from all around compete in a series of games to see who has the best slugging percentage. The term “slugging percentage” is a baseball statistic that measures the total number of bases a batter gets divided by the number of at bats.

When is Slugfest?

Slugfest is a baseball tournament that takes place in May.

Where is Slugfest?

Slugfest is an annual baseball tournament for high school-aged players. It is held in late May or early June in locations across the United States.

How can I participate in Slugfest?

Slugfest is a student-run, 3-day baseball tournament held annually in May. It is open to any college or university team in the Northeast, and typically consists of 8-10 teams.

To participate, interested teams must fill out a short application form and submit it to the Slugfest Committee. Once applications are reviewed, teams will be selected and notified of their acceptance on a first-come, first-serve basis.

A small registration fee is required to secure your spot in the tournament, and all games will be played at Northeastern’s venerable Fenway Park campus. So come one, come all – and help make Slugfest another memorable event in Boston’s rich baseball history!

What are the rules of Slugfest?

Slugfest is a simplified version of baseball created by the St. Louis Cardinals organization in 2005. The rules are as follows:

-There are two teams of nine players each.
-The game is played on a field with a rectangular infield and a square outfield.
-There are three bases, first, second, and third, and a home plate.
-The pitcher’s mound is located in the center of the diamond, 50 feet from home plate.
-The game is played with a softball or a baseball.
-A batting tee is used to hit the ball.
-The length of the game is seven innings.
-Each team has three outs per inning.
-A run is scored when a runner touches all three bases and crosses home plate.

What is the prize for Slugfest?

May Slugfest is a baseball tournament held every year in the month of May. The tournament is open to any team that wants to compete, and the prize for Slugfest is a trophy that the winning team gets to keep for the year.

How can I contact Slugfest?

You can reach Slugfest by phone at (555) 555-1212 or by email at [email protected].


May Slugfest Baseball Tournament? has been a success! We have had great weather and the teams have played well. The tournament has raised funds for our baseball program and we have seen some great baseball. Thanks to all who have participated.

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