NBA Finals: Jordan Poole’s Classic Reaction to Non-Goaltend Call

It was the Shot Heard around the world.

Jordan Poole’s game-winning three-pointer in the 2019 NBA Finals not only gave the Golden State Warriors a commanding 3-1 lead over the Toronto Raptors but it also produced one of the most classic reactions in NBA history

Poole’s reaction to the non-goaltend call was priceless, and it quickly went viral.

Now, you can relive the moment over and over again with this


Non-goaltend call

In the 2019 NBA Finals during Game 2, with the score tied at 106 and time running out in overtime, Warriors’ rookie Jordan Poole took a Three-Point Shot that was initially ruled a goaltend by Raptors’ center Marc Gasol Upon review, the referees ruled that there was no goaltending and the basket did not count, resulting in the Warriors losing the game by a score of 106-105.


Poole, a 20-year-old rookie for the Warriors, had just hit a 3-pointer with 6.8 seconds remaining in triple overtime to put his team up by one. But officials reviewed the play and determined that time should have expired before the ball left his hand, thus negating the basket.


What a classic reaction from Jordan Poole to the non-goaltend call! Poole was visibly disbelief and Jordan’s face said it all.

Jordan Poole

As the final seconds of regulation winded down in Game 2 of the 2019 NBA Finals Jordan Poole found himself wide open for a potential game-winning three-pointer. But just as he released the shot, Los Angeles Lakers’ center JaVale McGee swatted it away, resulting in no points and a tie game.

After the referees reviewed the play and determined that McGee had committed goaltending, Poole’s shot was ruled good and the Warriors won the game. But it was Poole’s reaction to the non-call that went viral, as he could be seen on the sideline devastated by the referees’ decision.

NBA Finals

The NBA Finals was the annual Championship Series of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Eastern and Western Conference champions played each other in a best-of-seven game series. The Los Angeles Lakers had 31 wins and 7 losses, while the Miami Heat had 22 wins and 9 losses.

Game 1

Jordan Poole, a rookie on the Golden State Warriors had a reaction to a non-goaltend call that was absolutely classic. He was not happy with the call, and it was pretty clear to see.


NBA Finals: Jordan Poole’s Classic Reaction to Non-Goaltend Call in Game 2

The Warriors may have lost Game 2 of the NBA Finals but Jordan Poole gave fans a moment to remember.

With his team down by one in the closing seconds, Poole went up for a layup that would have given the Warriors the lead. But his shot was swatted away by Raptors center Marc Gasol and on the ensuing possession, Gasol hit a jumper to seal the win for Toronto.

Poole’s reaction to the non-call was priceless. He could be seen yelling and gesturing toward the refs in disbelief, and his teammates had to hold him back from confronting them.

It was a tough break for the Warriors, but they’ll have to regroup and come back strong in Game 3 on Wednesday.


Raptors beat the Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to take home their first ever championship. On a night when Kawhi Leonard proved he was the best player in the world, it was a rookie who stole the show with his reaction to a wild non-goaltend call.

Jordan Poole, who only played four minutes in Game 6, was on the bench when Warriors’ Center Demarcus Cousins went up for a put-back attempt that was ruled a goaltend. But after review, it was determined that there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn the call, leaving Poole absolutely stunned.


After the Golden State Warriors lost to the Toronto Raptors in Game 5 of the NBA Finals social media was abuzz with reaction to the non-goaltend call that went against them in the final seconds. One of the most memorable reactions came from Warriors rookie Jordan Poole, who posted a classic clip from The Shawshank Redemption on Twitter with the caption “THESE REFS ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!”


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