When Will WWE Be in Indianapolis?

WWE will be coming to Indianapolis for a live event on September 15th at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse! Tickets are now on sale, so make sure to get yours today!

WWE’s History in Indianapolis

WWE has a long history in Indianapolis. The first WWE event in Indianapolis was in 1984. WWE has been in Indianapolis many times since then. The most recent WWE event in Indianapolis was in 2018.

WWE’s first show in Indianapolis

WWE’s first show in Indianapolis took place on May 15, 1961, at the Indiana Convention Center. The main event was a tag team match between Ivan and Nikita Koloff, who defeated Tony Marino and Bruno Sammartino. WWE has been back to Indianapolis numerous times since then, most recently in 2017.

WWE’s most recent show in Indianapolis

The most recent WWE show in Indianapolis was on September 11, 2018 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The main event wasBraun Strowman defeating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship.

Why WWE Hasn’t Been in Indianapolis Recently

WWE hasn’t been in Indianapolis in a while for a variety of reasons. One reason is that the city’s main arena, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, is undergoing renovations. WWE usually goes to cities with arenas that can accommodate a large crowd and have a good TV set-up.

The economy

It has been widely reported that WWE has been noticeably absent from the Indianapolis market for a number of years now. While the company hasyet to give a specific reason as to why this is the case, it’s likely due to a combination of factors.

Perhaps the most significant factor is the current state of the economy. The recession has hit WWE hard, with reports indicating that the company has lost millions of dollars in revenue in recent years. As a result, WWE has had to cut back on its live events, including its touring schedule.

It’s also worth noting that Indianapolis is not one of WWE’s “core markets.” These are cities where WWE generates a significant portion of its revenue and where it tends to focus its live event schedule. Given the current economic climate, it’s not surprising that WWE would choose to focus its resources on these core markets rather than on cities like Indianapolis that are not as crucial to the company’s bottom line.

WWE’s absence from Indianapolis does appear to be temporary, however. The company recently announced that it will be returning to the city for a live event on September 15, 2012. This will be WWE’s first live event in Indianapolis in over two years, so it appears that the economy is starting to improve and that WWE is once again beginning to expand its touring schedule.

WWE’s relationship with the city

WWE has had a bumpy relationship with the city of Indianapolis over the years. In 2001, the city pulled the plug on a WWE event due to concerns over rowdy fans. That led to a ban on WWE events in the city that lasted until 2007.

Since then, WWE has slowly been rebuilding its relationship with Indianapolis. The company has held several events in the city over the past few years, including a live event in 2012 and a Smackdown tapings in 2014.

However, WWE has yet to hold a major event in Indianapolis since the ban was lifted. The closest the company came was in 2015, when Wrestlemania 31 was held in nearby Santa Clara.

It’s unclear why WWE has yet to return to Indianapolis for a major event, but it’s possible that the city is still seen as a risky market by the company.

When Will WWE Be in Indianapolis?

WWE will be in Indianapolis on October 14th.

WWE’s plans for the future

While we don’t have an exact date for when WWE will be in Indianapolis, we do know that they have plans to return in the future.

WWE has said that they are committed to bringing live events back to fans around the world as soon as it is safe to do so.

So far, WWE has only held a few small, closed-door events since the pandemic started. However, they have plans to resume regular live programming soon.

In the meantime, you can catch all of your favorite WWE superstars on TV every week. Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT all air live on USA Network.

The city’s plans for the future

The city of Indianapolis is currently in the process of finalizing its plans for the future of the WWE. While the city has not yet released any official details of its plans, it is expected that WWE will be coming to Indianapolis sometime in the near future.

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