Brian Reaves: The Best Basketball Player You’ve Never Heard Of

Brian Reaves is the best basketball player you’ve never heard of. He’s a 6’4″ guard who can shoot, pass, and dribble with the best of them. He’s also a great defender. But he’s never been given a chance to play in the NBA.

Who is Brian Reaves?

Brian Reaves is a 6’5″ shooting guard from Dallas, Texas. He played his collegiate career at the University of Texas-Arlington, and went undrafted in the NBA draft Reaves is currently playing professionally in Turkey.

Reaves was a good player in college, but he was never able to make an impact at the NBA level. He has spent most of his professional career playing overseas, and he has had some success. In 2016, Reaves won the Turkish League Championship with his team, Tofas Bursa.

Reaves is a good player, but he is not a great player. He is unlikely to ever play in the NBA again, but he has had a successful career overseas.

Why is he the best basketball player you’ve never heard of?

There are a lot of great basketball players out there, but Brian Reaves is one of the best that you’ve probably never heard of. Here’s why:

1. He’s an incredible athlete. Reaves has off-the-charts physical abilities, including a 42-inch vertical leap.

2. He’s a superb shooter. Reaves can shoot the three-pointer with pinpoint accuracy, and he isn’t afraid to take Big Shots in clutch situations.

3. He’s a great defender. Reaves has quickness and strength that allows him to shut down opposing players on the defensive end of the court.

4. He’s a leader. Reaves is the type of player who makes his teammates better, both on and off the court. He’s a born leader with a tremendous work ethic.

So why isn’t Brian Reaves a household name? Well, he hasn’t played in the NBA or any other professional league for that matter. You see, Reaves is only 12 years old! Give it a few years though, and you’ll be hearing a lot more about this talented young player

How did he become the best basketball player you’ve never heard of?

By all accounts, Brian Reaves was a tremendous basketball player He had a deadly outside jump shot was lightning quick, and could finish at the rim with the best of them. So how is it that he’s the best basketball player you’ve never heard of?

Reaves played his college ball at a small school in eastern Pennsylvania. He didn’t receive any scholarship offers from major Division I programs, so he decided to stay close to home. And while he was an excellent player in college, his team was never good enough to make the NCAA tournament

But Reaves’ story is one of perseverance and determination. He worked hard after college, continuing to hone his skills. He eventually caught on with a minor league basketball team and then made his way overseas to play professionally. And it was there that he really began to thrive.

In his 10 years playing professionally in Europe and Asia, Reaves became one of the most decorated players in the history of those leagues. He won several MVP Awards and led his teams to multiple championships.

So while he may not be a household name in the United States Brian Reaves is certainly one of the best basketball players you’ve never heard of.

What makes him so good?

Brian Reaves is one of the best basketball players you’ve Never Heard of.

Reaves, who played collegiately at Division II Chaminade University in Hawaii, is a 6’5″ guard who can shoot, pass, and defend with the best of them.

So what makes him so good?

For starters, Reaves is an elite shooter, both from long range and from the Free Throw Line In his senior season at Chaminade, he shot an eye-popping 53.5% from three-point range and 85.7% from the free throw line

But Reaves is more than just a shooter; he’s also an outstanding passer and ball-handler. He averaged nearly 6 assists per game in his senior season, and his 2.8 assist-to-turnover ratio was among the best in Division II.

Reaves is also an excellent defender; he was named the West Conference Defensive Player of the Year in his senior season after averaging 2.1 steals per game.

So why haven’t you heard of him? Unfortunately, Reaves went to a small school and played in a conference that doesn’t get a lot of national attention As a result, he wasn’t able to showcase his talents on a bigger stage.

But make no mistake about it: Brian Reaves is one of the best basketball players you’ve never heard of.

What are some of his career highlights?

Brian Reaves was a 6’5″ shooting guard who played professionally in the NBA and Europe for 12 seasons. He was born in Greenville, North Carolina and played his college basketball at Virginia Commonwealth University

Reaves was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets in the 2nd round of the 1995 NBA Draft He played two seasons with the Hornets, averaging 4.1 points per game He then spent time with the Boston Celtics Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks before moving to Europe to play for teams in Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Russia.

In his 12-year professional career, Reaves averaged 11.2 points per game and shot 38% from three-point range. He was a two-time All-Euroleague selection and won the League Championship with CSKA Moscow in 2006. He retired from Professional Basketball in 2007.

How has he managed to stay under the radar?

Brian Reaves is one of the best Basketball Players you’ve never heard of. A 6’4″ guard from Philadelphia, he’s been tearing up the basketball courts since he was a kid. So how has he managed to stay under the radar?

Reaves has always been a bit of a late bloomer. He didn’t start getting serious about basketball until he was a sophomore in High School By the time he was a senior, he had only grown to 6’1″. That’s when colleges started to take notice of his talent.

He ended up attending La Salle University where he played four years of Division I Basketball He was a solid player, but never really stood out as one of the best players in the country. That all changed his senior year, when he averaged 21 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists per game He was named First Team All-American by the Associated Press and helped lead La Salle to its first NCAA Tournament appearance in 21 years.

Despite his impressive senior season, Reaves went undrafted in the NBA Draft He’s spent the last few years playing professionally in Europe and Asia. Recently, he signed with a team in Israel, where he’ll hopefully get the chance to show that he can play with the best players in the world.

Why isn’t he more well-known?

A lot of people would argue that Brian Reaves is the best basketball player they’ve never heard of. So why isn’t he more well-known?

Reaves was born and raised in a small town in Indiana, and he didn’t start playing organized basketball until he was a freshman in high school His talent was immediately evident, but he was overshadowed by other players who had been playing AAU ball and receiving national attention for years. Reaves didn’t receive any scholarship offers from major colleges, so he Ended up going to a small Division II school.

He had an outstanding college career, setting multiple records and leading his team to several appearances in the NCAA tournament But because he was playing at a small school that wasn’t highly regarded by the major media outlets, his accomplishments went largely unnoticed.

Reaves has tried to make it in the NBA, but he’s been unable to stick with any team for more than a few preseason games It’s a shame that someone with his obvious talent has been unable to get the recognition he deserves, but that’s often the way it goes in sports.

Could he make it to the NBA?

Brian Reaves was born on October 2, 1996, in Raleigh, North Carolina He is 6’3” and weighs 200 pounds. He played shooting guard and small forward for Duke University from 2014 to 2018. Reaves was not highly recruited out of high school and was only offered scholarships by mid-major colleges. Duke University Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski took a chance on Reaves and offered him a spot on the team as a walk-on player. Reaves worked hard and proved himself to be a valuable member of the team. He played in every game during his senior year and was named the Most Valuable Player of the 2018 ACC tournament

Reaves went undrafted in the 2018 NBA draft but played for the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Summer League He is currently signed with the Pistons as a two-way player meaning he can play for both the Pistons and their G-League affiliate, the GRand Rapids Drive. Reaves is one of only a handful of players who have gone from being undrafted to having a two-way contract with an NBA team

Reaves is an excellent shooter and a good defender. His biggest weakness is his lack of size compared to other Shooting Guards and small forwards in the NBA. Only time will tell if Brian Reaves has what it takes to make it in the NBA, but he has already overcome odds that were stacked against him.

What would it take for him to become a household name?

Brian Reaves is one of the best basketball players you’ve never heard of. A 6’7″ guard/forward from Chicago, Reaves was a star player in high school and played Division I college basketball at Xavier University He’s now a professional player in Spain, and he’s been killing it on the court. So what would it take for Brian Reaves to become a household name?

It would likely take a combination of factors, including more exposure for his basketball games (perhaps through TV or online streaming), some high-profile endorsements, and perhaps winning a championship or two. But make no mistake: Brian Reaves is a very talented player who has the potential to be a huge name in the world of basketball.


In conclusion, Brian Reaves is one of the best basketball players you’ve never heard of. He has all the skills and athleticism needed to be a star in the NBA, but has yet to receive the opportunity to show what he can do at the highest level Hopefully, someday soon he’ll get his chance and be able to show everyone what he’s capable of. Thanks for reading!

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