Master the Art of Defending in FIFA 23 – Tips for Beginners

Ready to get your FIFA 23 game on? We have the goods to get you there! Our simple-to-follow guidelines and strategies will have you dominating defense in no time. Keep reading for the killer tips to take your gaming to the next level!

Quick facts: Fifa 23 Defending Tips | How To Defend In Fifa

  • ✅ Properly timing your tackles is the most effective way to defend in FIFA 23 – Eurogamer (Source:
  • ✅ One of the best defensive tips for FIFA 23 is to use pressing to disrupt opposition attacks – Digital Trends (Source:
  • ✅ When defending in FIFA 23, it is important to keep track of your players and make sure they are in the correct positions – PC Gamer (Source:
  • ✅ If your opponent is attacking down the wings, make sure to move your full-backs to the right position to intercept their passes – Sportskeeda (Source:
  • ✅ A good strategy to use when defending in FIFA 23 is to pressure the player with the ball, but be careful as too much pressure can lead to fouls and penalties – Forbes (Source:
  • Basics of Defending

    Defending in FIFA 23 can be hard for rookies. Mastering the art of defending is the key to success. Start by learning the basics and then move on to outlandish strategies. It’s vital to know where your defenders are placed and when to press or tackle to upgrade your team’s defense.

    Get to know different defensive formations to make the most of your defense. Plus, you can use counter-attacks to your gain. Press up after gaining possession to launch a counter-attack and get a leg up on your rivals.

    Timing is super important when defending in FIFA 23 – train yourself to read opponents’ actions and guess their next move to make sure every challenge is worth it!

    Learn the basics of defending

    CDM stands for Center Defensive Midfielder, and it’s a fabulous defensive tactic used in FIFA 23! It’s really flexible, so it’s super popular with players. To be a terrific CDM, you need to be a pro at passing and switching between defenders and attackers. You also gotta practice your timing when tackling, and make sure you’re always ready to steal passes before they reach the strikers.

    With lots of focus and dedication, CDMs can take on the toughest opponents in FIFA 23!

    Understand the different defensive tactics

    If you wanna be the best at defendin’ in FUT 22, you gotta know how to use all the diff’rent defensive tactics. Y’might want to press opponents, keep a low defensive line, or switch between both depending on the game.

    To press opponents, use a 4-2-2-2 formation with two attackin’ midfielders and two center-backs. This’ll let yer team press up the pitch while keepin’ good protection at the back. If yer focusin’ more on defense, use a 4-3-3 with three mids or a 5-3-2 with five defenders. Knowin’ which tactic works best for each sitch will help ya get better at FUT 22!

    Learn how to use the defensive controls

    If you wanna be a real FIFA 23 pro, you gotta know how to defend! It might look tricky at first, but with practice and a few tips, you can shut down the toughest attackers. Pay attention to everything on the field and don’t get too committed to tackles. And stay efficient – always put pressure on opponents and use defensive controls like L1/LB for Playstation/Xbox and R2/RT to pressure players and block off passing lanes.

    These tips will make you a master defender in no time!


    Getting good at defending in FIFA 23 ain’t an easy task. It takes lots of time to learn all the tricks of the game and how to position yourself for a victorious match. When defending in FIFA 23, there are many different techniques and approaches you can choose from, depending on your playing style and preferences.

    This can include:

    • Keepin’ a high defensive line,
    • Putting pressure on the attacker,
    • Knowing when to stay put or push forward,
    • Mastering the offside trap,
    • Knowin’ when to tackle and follow the opposing player,
    • Readin’ the body language of your opponent.

    It takes practice and patience to become a pro defender in FIFA 23, but with enough effort, anyone can get there!

    Learn the importance of positioning

    To succeed in FIFA 23, positioning is KEY! Mastering how to position yourself on offense AND defense can help you outsmart your opponents and up your game. You need to understand the field, the players on it, and practice to gain an instinct for where everyone should be at all times.

    When defending, it’s best to stay compact by grouping your players close together and keeping a good line. Plus, decide which players are attacking and which are defending so that everyone knows their role in the team’s formation.

    When attacking, know when and where to make runs to get more chances for yourself and teammates, and also maintain the right spacing between offensive gamers. With practice, you’ll understand how to position yourself to be a winner in FIFA 23.

    Understand the importance of defensive shape

    When it comes to FIFA 23, defensive shape is super important. This means how your players are placed and where they stand on the field. If you have a strong defensive shape, it’ll stop your enemies from making chances. But if your defensive shape isn’t as good, they’ll be able to run around and do whatever they want!

    You gotta get good at setting up in situations like counter attacks and zonal marking, so when your opponents try something you’re ready. Plus, if you know defensive shape, your players won’t be tired as fast since they won’t have to chase after enemies that make it past your bad formation.

    Learn how to press the opposition

    Gettin’ good at pressin’ the opposition in FIFA 23 is how ya gain an advantage. Pressin’ means puttin’ constant pressure on your opponent, makin’ it so they can’t attack and can only do what they’re told. But be careful, ‘cuz if ya press too hard, you’ll be left vulnerable to counter-attacks.

    To learn how to press efficiently, start by havin’ two players near the ball carrier, and keepin’ an eye on their potential passin’ options. It’s important that your players stay a safe distance away from their opponents, but stay close enough to make ’em take risks. And also, usin’ the “press after loss” option will make sure your players keep chasin’ the opponents even when ya get the ball. Practicin’ different kinds of presses and knowin’ when to use each will make ya a pro at defendin’ in FIFA 23.


    Tackling is an A-MUST in FIFA 23 for any defender who wants to make sure their team keeps the ball and avoids goals against. But it ain’t easy to master, so here are a few tips to help you out.

    • First off, go for standing tackles instead of sliding ones – they’re usually simpler and more reliable.
    • Your timing is critical too, so don’t be too early or late when you tackle.
    • Also, keep an eye on how much energy your player has left – you don’t want them too tired cuz that’ll slow down their reactions and leave ’em wide open to get beaten.
    • Finally, think ahead and anticipate the opponent’s moves before you dive in – that’ll give you the edge over ’em!

    If you practice tackling regularly, you’ll soon be a pro defender in FIFA 23!

    Learn how to tackle correctly

    Tackling is an important part of playing defense in FIFA 23, and it takes skill and timing to get it just right. Different types of tackles have their own perks and flaws.

    The most common type of tackle is called the “standing tackle,” which means you press the tackle button at the perfect time to win the ball. You can also try a sliding tackle if the opposing player is faster than your defender. Another type of tackle is the “block-tackle,” which happens when two players rush in from opposite directions and take the ball away from the attacker.

    With practice, you’ll learn when and how to tackle correctly, so you can defend all kinds of attacks in FIFA 23!

    Understand the different tackling techniques

    Becoming a FIFA 23 defender means mastering the art of tackling! Knowing when to use the right technique can transform a defensive shutout into a victorious win.

    First, there’s the standing tackle, which is easy and effective. You just have to move towards your opponent and press the right button. That’s it!

    Next, you have the sliding tackle. You may have to press an extra button depending on which way you wanna slide. But if you time it perfectly, you can snatch the ball from your opponent in no time.

    Lastly, jockeying is all about minimal contact. You stay close to your opponent and take control of their movements. Then, when they make a mistake you can easily take the ball away.

    Understanding these techniques will help you make the most of your defense and create more offense chances too!

    Learn how to time your tackles

    Timin’ yer tackles in FIFA 23 can be a tricky thang to learn. Ya gotta time yer tackles so ya can intercept passes, slide tackle the ball away from yer opponent, and win in aerial challenges. Knowin’ when and how to press is super important for good defensive play.

    As a defender, ya wanna put pressure on the ball when it’s received, closin’ down spaces. Don’t commit too early OR too late, otherwise ya may end up with attackers runnin’ past ya or with a free kick in their favor.

    Finally, it’s key to recognize when an attacker is runnin’ and when they’re gonna pass, so ya can react and time yer tackle properly. The more familiar y’all are with yer opponent’s style of play, the more chances ya have of timin’ yer tackles just right – givin’ ya a better chance at stoppin’ an attack before it even starts!

    Defending Set Pieces

    To have a winning FIFA 23 game, it’s key to defend set pieces, like corners or free-kicks. Even if you’re a rookie, it’s not too hard to master the art of defending. Here’s some tips to get you started:

    1. Use Your Defensive Wall: The best way to protect against corners and free-kicks is with your defensive wall. This will stop shots from outside the penalty area, so your team has more chances to win.
    2. Figure Out Your Opponent’s Tactics: It’s important to understand your opponent’s tactics before defending. By understanding their strategy, you can predict where the shot will go, so your wall or players in front of the goalmouth can block it easier.
    3. Don’t Rush In: Some players rush in to try and stop the ball too early. Take a second to look at the situation first, so your tackles and blocks are more accurate.

    Learn the basics of defending set pieces

    Proving ya’self as the master of FIFA 23 means ya gotta know how to defend set pieces! Free kicks and corner kicks are part of any match, and when these happen ya’ll need to be ready to protect the goal.

    Tactics is key here; ya gotta manage the space between ya defenders and their opponents and figure out who’ll be markin’ who. Make sure all yer players are in the right places, intercept any balls headin’ their way and watch out for counter-attacks. Speed is also important – you gotta be quick with tackles and blocks if ya wanna successfully defend set pieces.

    With a bit o’ practice and patience, you’ll be a pro at defending set pieces in no time!

    Understand the different defensive strategies

    If you wanna be a boss at FIFA 23, then you gotta know all the different defensive strategies. Like, man-marking is where you just stay close to your opponent and follow their moves. And team press is when you get up close and personal and take away their space. It’s important to know when to use these strategies, and how to use them together to keep the ball away from your opponents.

    Plus, if you know which players work best for each tactic, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions about defense:

    • Man-marking
    • Team press

    Learn how to mark your opponents

    Mastering the art of marking your opponents is majorly important when it comes to playing FIFA 23. Marking is all about trying to tackle your opponent before they can get to that goal! You need quick moves, rad positioning, and strong defense tactics.

    To really mark your opponent, you must be aware of their movements. Check out where they’re going to pass or move the ball and adjust your spot accordingly. When they have the ball, take off at them fast and make sure they don’t get away from you easily. Also try to guess what their next move will be and tackle them right away to block the goal.

    And use jockeying tactics like:

    • Changing direction
    • Faking out your opponent

    to throw them off and stop them from scoring any goals. With practice and hard work, you will soon be able to do this skill without thinking!


    Becoming a pro at defending in FIFA 23 can be a tricky task, but with a few strategies and some practice, you can easily become a top defender.

    • Firstly, it’s important to stay in position and know your role, which helps create a strong line of defence.
    • To tackle like a pro, you should use the Right Stick for Tackling-by-Angle (RSTA) control. This allows you to move around, angle your defender towards the ball, and click the right stick to make the tackle, instead of pressing lots of buttons.
    • Also, if you’re worried about opponents who run fast, you can drop deep into midfield with the defensive line while you wait for support from teammates.
    • Finally, defending from set pieces can be tough, but with practice you’ll be able to time and judge tackles better. So, practice different scenarios and you’ll be able to master defending in no time!

    Learn the importance of defensive strategies

    Kicking butt in FIFA 23 requires a boss defensive strategy! Whether it’s knowing when to attack and defend, or just staying super organized in the back, beginners should start by knowing the basics of defending. Get to know defensive positioning, decide what system to use in each situation, and figure out when and how to adjust your system to avoid goals. Don’t forget to learn effective defending tactics like tackling, intercepting passes, and marking players.

    Taking the time to understand these concepts = a much higher chance of success in FIFA 23!

    Understand the different defensive strategies

    If y’all wanna rock defensive moves in FIFA 23, you gotta know the diff strategies. The best defense involves pressure, tackling, and interception. Plus, you can use formations to get an extra edge by outnumbering yer opponent.

    • Pressure means making ’em rush or not givin ’em any time with the ball.
    • Tacklin’ means tryin’ to snatch it back with a slide tackle.
    • Interception means tryin’ to guess where they’re gonna kick or pass and gettin’ there first.

    Knowin’ when and why to pressure, tackle, or intercept will make y’all a pro defender in FIFA 23!

    Learn how to counter-attack effectively

    Footy is defs one of the hottest sports, so it’s no shocker that peeps love the FIFA vid-game series. Despite the insane popularity of FIFA 23, defending can be tricky for rookies. To help you out, we’re gonna give you some tips and tricks to make you a pro!

    1. First off, master the basics. Knowing good defensive positioning can help you stay on top of the game. Make sure you stay close to the enemy dribbler and cover them as much as possible – this’ll help you anticipate their moves.
    2. Different defensive moves are also key, like slide tackling and jockeying. This can stop your rivals from taking shots on goal or making chances. Plus, if you learn how to counter-attack, you’ll be able to grab the ball quickly and have the upper hand against your opponents.

    By using these tips and a lot of practice, you’ll be a whiz at defending in no time!

    FAQs about: Fifa 23 Defending Tips | How To Defend In Fifa


    Q1: What are some basic tips for defending in FIFA 23?

    A1: Some basic tips for defending in FIFA 23 include focusing on your positioning, being mindful of your opponent’s movements, using the tackle button sparingly, and being aware of your team’s formation.

    Q2: How do I use the tackle button effectively?

    A2: When using the tackle button, make sure you’ve committed to the tackle and that you’re in good position to make the tackle. It’s better to use the tackle button sparingly, as it can lead to fouls and penalties if used excessively.

    Q3: What formation should I use for defending in FIFA 23?

    A3: The best formation to use for defending in FIFA 23 depends on your team’s players and the strategy you want to deploy. Generally speaking, a 4-1-2-1-2 formation with two defensive midfielders can be effective for shielding the defense and allowing your team to be more organized.

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