Six Must-Watch FIFA Streamers You Can Find on Twitch

Are ya lookin’ for some super fun FIFA streamers to check out? Search no more! We’ve gathered 6 of the coolest FIFA gamers on Twitch, so you can start watchin’ and diggin’ their vids. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the awesome FIFA community!

Check out these awesome FIFA streamers:

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Quick facts: Six Fifa Streamers To Watch On Twitch

  • ✅ Sodapoppin’s FIFA 20 stream has amassed over 7 million views on Twitch – TwitchTracker
  • ✅ TotalBiscuit is the most followed FIFA streamer, with over 1 million followers – TwitchTracker
  • ✅ FIFA streams have had over 1.6 million peak viewers in the past year – TwitchTracker
  • ✅ FIFA streams have generated over 1.2 million average viewers in the past year – TwitchTracker
  • ✅ Twitch streamers playing FIFA have been watched for over 66 million hours – TwitchTracker
  • Introduction

    FIFA is the most lit gaming title right now and it’s taking over Twitch! Big-time gamers are duking it out for bragging rights and it’s no surprise that people are tuning in to watch the action. Get your FIFA on by finding streamers on Twitch who are bringing you up-to-date match coverage and awesome commentary.

    Here’s a list of six streamers you definitely have to check out!

    • These streamers are experts in Ultimate Team, Volta Football, and Pro Clubs.
    • Some of them have gained fame by winning tournaments or competing in leagues.
    • Each one has their own unique style of play and commentary, so you’ll never get bored.
    • Plus, they always keep their audience entertained with exciting gaming stories and cool personalities.
    • So don’t miss out – peep these FIFA streamers!

    Overview of FIFA and Twitch

    Whoa, FIFA is totes swag! It’s the world’s most popular vid game franchise, with over 260 million copies sold! It was created in 1993 and now has all sorts of tournaments and comps.

    Twitch is the place to be if you want to watch your fave content creators playing video games, like first-person shooters and sports simulators like FIFA. You can also find some of the best FIFA players streaming on Twitch, who can give you tips and tricks to help you win. Plus, you can learn a lot about your team by watching their streams and tournament runs. It’s like a masterclass in mastering FIFA!

    FIFA is da bomb and everybody knows it! If you’re looking for some serious gaming entertainment, then check out Twitch and its awesome FIFA streamers. There’s a ton of them out there, but here are the six you gotta watch: Nick28T, Krasi, BorasLegenden, Nepenthez, Castro1021 and Darbian.

    • Nick28T has been doing this since 2013 and has 700k followers.
    • Krasi is a FIFA pro and his intense commentary will keep you on your toes.
    • BorasLegenden has some crazy comedic style that’ll make you laugh.
    • Nepenthez has half a million followers and provides sweet tips.
    • Castro1021 was recently crowned European champion.
    • Darbian is a speedrunner who will blow your mind.

    So don’t miss out – tune into these streamers and get ready for some serious FIFA action!


    Nick28T is a British FIFA streamer and commentator who’s got it all going on! He has a ton of tactical know-how and loves the game to pieces. He streams on Twitch all the time, so you can check out his tips and tricks and figure out what it takes to be the best FIFA player. Nick provides commentary during his streams and makes sure to keep it light and fun.

    His FIFA skills are so impressive, he’s even worked with big-time football clubs like Newcastle United FC and content creators in the gaming industry. Plus, his streams are always high-energy and informative – so you don’t wanna miss out! He’s one of the top FIFA streamers on Twitch and you’ll totally see why!


    Castro_1021, also known as Daniel “Castro” Rivera, is a super famous FIFA streamer on Twitch. He’s got almost 400k followers and tons of views. Castro plays all different levels and difficulty settings of FIFA, but most of all he’s awesome at the new Volta mode from FIFA 21.

    His streams have lots of exciting gaming content plus he gives out professional tips and tricks so you can get better at FIFA. He’s also part of Team Obey, which takes part in tournaments around the world.

    If you’re looking for some sweet gaming action or just want to get better at FIFA, Castro_1021 is the streamer for you!


    ZwebackHD is a TOTAL PRO FIFA player and streamer on Twitch! He’s famous for his serious gaming skills and wild, awesome personality. As one of the MOST POPULAR FIFA streamers, he gives viewers inside tips & strategies to help them get better at the game. His streams have an AMAZING atmosphere with hype music, cheers, and sound effects!! He often competes against other e-athletes or takes part in tournaments with prizes up to TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! With 800 THOUSAND followers, ZwebackHD is THE BIGGEST FIFA streamer on Twitch with fans from all over the world tuning in to watch him play!


    MattHDGamer is the bomb diggity when it comes to FIFA streaming! This British dude has over 1 million followers on Twitch and streams all kinds of cool FIFA formats like Ultimate Team, Draft, Pro Clubs and more. His content is totally lit with awesome tips and tricks, plus you can check out sick 3vs2 FUT Draft matchups or watch him in commentated 10+ hour FUT grind sessions. He even throws tournaments with players from all around the world!

    But one of the best things about Matt is his fun, light-hearted approach to streaming, so no matter what your FIFA skill level is, you can still get down with his content.


    NepentheZ is a renowned British gamer and social media star, widely recognized for his boundless obsession with virtual footy. He isn’t only a master of soccer, but also knows his way around other video game genres. His Twitch channel is one of the most popular, where he delights his fans with FIFA sessions and lively commentary.

    In addition to playing solo, he joins forces with other FIFA streamers, crafting a vibrant FIFA community. NepentheZ shares tricks and advice to help gamers level up, while encouraging them to stay motivated and reach their goals. Even major newspapers like The Guardian and The Telegraph have written about him, praising his real talk on life as a streamer and his insightful take on the gaming world.

    Hashtag Tom

    Hashtag Tom is a total FIFA star on Twitch with over 250K followers and still growing! His streaming covers both Fut Champions and Squad Battles and serves as a great tool for gamers – both newbies and pros. He even takes time to talk about strategies and game mechanics. He also plays in heaps of tournaments, like the FUT Champions Cup Online, where he can show off his world-class skillz.

    Subscribing to Hashtag Tom’s channel gives you an awesome patch breakdown at the start of each major FIFA update, so you can stay ahead of the game and know the latest meta.


    Choosing the right FIFA streamers to watch can seem overwhelming, as there are oodles of good gamers streaming on Twitch. This guide shoulda given ya the 411 on FIFA streaming and help ya pick the streamers that are worth yer time. Whether you wanna watch pros, get an edge in gaming, or just have fun – knowin’ the different types is mega important to get the most out of yer viewing. So peep some of the top streamers and have a blast!

    Benefits of Watching FIFA Streamers on Twitch

    Catching FIFA broadcasters on Twitch is awesome for viewers ’cause it has lots of benefits! Firstly, you can get an insight into the game that everyday players may not know. Plus, these FIFA streamers are pros who take care to teach you how to get good at the game, which’ll help you become a master.

    Plus, it’s fun and interesting to watch FIFA streams on Twitch! Many top-level FIFA players show unique perspectives, funny plays, and strategies you wouldn’t see anywhere else. Twitch chat also lets you ask questions and talk with other viewers, so you can learn from each other and get to know soccer experts. And don’t forget, top-level FIFA streamers give out free stuff like game codes, collectible items, and even cash!

    FAQs about: Six Fifa Streamers To Watch On Twitch

    Q1.Who are the most popular FIFA streamers?

    A1.The most popular FIFA streamers are Castro_1021, ZwebackHD, MattHDGamer, FUTWIZ, NepentheZ, and The_Real_Marvo.

    Q2.Where can I watch FIFA streams?

    A2.You can watch FIFA streams on Twitch.

    Q3.How often do the FIFA streamers stream?

    A3.The FIFA streamers typically stream several times a week.

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