Find Out Who are the Best CDMs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

Yoo-hoo! Are ya ready for FIFA 22? If you’re tryin’ to construct the raddest Ultimate Team, yer in luck! This article is gonna be blastin’ through the best Central Defensive Midfielders in FIFA 22. We’ll provide all the info ya need to decide who to pick up!

Quick facts: Best Cdms In Fifa 22 Ultimate Team

  • ✅ Bruno Fernandes is currently the best CDM in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with an overall rating of 91 (FIFA Index).
  • ✅ Joshua Kimmich is the second best CDM in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with an overall rating of 90 (FIFA Index).
  • ✅ Wilfred Ndidi currently ranks third with an overall rating of 89 (FIFA Index).
  • ✅ Rodri of Manchester City has the highest passing rating of all CDMs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with an impressive 87 (FIFA Index).
  • ✅ N’Golo Kante is the quickest CDM in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with a pace rating of 88 (FIFA Index).

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The FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode is the most poppin’ of the FIFA franchise! As in the last versions, you can choose players from all over the globe to create your ultimate team. The main difference from before is that now there are Career Mode Players (CDMs) and Special Edition Cards, giving you even more options to put together your squad.

If you’re just starting out or a pro trying to get better players, you might be asking yourself “Who are the best CDMs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?” Have no fear, we gotchu! We put together a guide with all the deets on each CDM’s skills, ratings, cost, and abilities. That way, you can pick which one works best for your team!

What is a CDM?

CDM stands for Central Defensive Midfielder and it is an important role in soccer. They are situated between the midfield and defense to break up attacks and keep the team stable.

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT 22), CDMs are highly sought after because they can both attack and defend. To get the best CDMs, you should look for players with good passing, shooting, dribbling, and defensive stats. When creating your team in FUT 22, make sure to invest in quality CDMs to have both offensive and defensive power.

Top CDMs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Central Defensive Midfielders (CDMs) are the stars of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team! They provide much-needed security and support for your defense. And the best CDMs in FUT 22 have the skills to be a huge asset on both sides of the ball.

The FUT team has chosen the best CDMs from around the world –

  • Kevin De Bruyne
  • Thiago Alcántara
  • Sergio Busquets
  • Wilfred Ndidi
  • Rodri Hernandez
  • N’Golo Kanté

– Get any one of these players and you’ll have yourself an awesome anchor for your midfield!

N’Golo Kante

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is way better ‘cuz N’Golo Kante is a part of it! He’s a master central defensive midfielder (CDM) with awesome stamina and a super-high work rate. His defensive skills are sick, like tackling, interceptions, marking, and defensive awareness – they shut down any opponents’ attack.

Kante also has a wicked Passing score, so he can move the ball to his teammates and make chances to score. On the offense he ain’t bad either with decent shooting and passing. He doesn’t score much, but his awesome through balls and long passes do help sometimes. Lastly, Kante’s five-star skill moves make him an awesome addition to any team lookin’ for a top CDM.


Casemiro is a crazy-talented Brazilian defensive midfielder playing for Real Madrid in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. He’s super famous for his defensive abilities, like winning the ball from opponents and makin’ powerful interceptions. His high stamina, strong physicality, and tall stature make him literally unbeatable in any duel. Plus, his high tackling and excellent attacking awareness make him one of the top midfielders in the game – he can pass with accuracy and vision.

He’s also known for his long-range passing which helps him to create chances from far away while still keeping the ball. Because of all these skills, Casemiro has been one of the most wanted players in Ultimate Team mode since he first appeared in FIFA 22!

Joshua Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich is a BANGIN’ pick for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team’s CDM spot! He’s a righty who plays in the Bundesliga and on the German National and Bayern Munich teams. Kimmich’s got awesome tech skills and mad defensive power, makin’ him one of the best CDMs in the game.

His Primary Attributes are SWEET, like 89 Passing, 85 Dribbling, 91 Defending and 86 Physicality, ALL of which are 89 or higher! His secondary attributes are also A++, 83 Sprint Speed and 81 Agility backin’ up his already amazin’ primary attributes. Plus, he’s got 4-Star Weak Foot and 4-Star Skill Moves, which make him a TOTAL BEAST on the field. His work rate’s really high for a CDM too, so he can zip around the pitch to help his peeps when needed. Add all that up, and you get one OUTSTANDING CDM for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Wilfred Ndidi

Wilfred Ndidi, a defensive midfielder for Leicester City, is one of the best you can get in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team! His body is tough, he’s speedy and he can cover lots of ground quickly, making him great for defending long balls and halting counter-attacks. Plus, he’s great with the ball, with his passing skills and ability to spot passes that others might miss.

He’s perfect for building up from the back and quick ball circulation when countering. So if you want someone dependable to help out offensively and defensively, Ndidi’s your man!


Rodri is the top defensive midfielder in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and plays for both the Spanish National Team and Manchester City. His passing is off the charts, boasting an 88 overall rating with 88 Short Pass Accuracy and 86 Long Pass Accuracy. And if that wasn’t enough, his Physical attribute is an amazing 85 overall, with 92 Strength and 89 Agility.

Plus, he has an 85 Overall Dribbling stat, so he can be a real threat when he has the ball in the midfield. Rodri is a steal for any team looking for strong defense and great passing, so get him on your squad before he’s gone!


Tired of losing in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team? Lookin’ to assemble a squad that’ll make the competition quiver? Then securing the best CDMs (central defensive midfielders) is a must!

Here’s a roundup of the best, most widely-used CDMs in the game: Marco Verratti, Corentin Tolisso, and Joshua Kimmich. Each of these players have special skills and strengths that’ll help boost your team’s performance – like speed, passing, and strength! With this guide, you’ll have a much easier time creating an unbeatable FIFA 22 Ultimate Team roster!

FAQs about: Best Cdms In Fifa 22 Ultimate Team

Q1: What is the best CDM in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

A1: According to most experts, the best CDM in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is N’Golo Kanté of Chelsea.

Q2: What attributes make N’Golo Kanté the best CDM in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

A2: N’Golo Kanté’s impressive stats include an overall rating of 89, an attack rating of 77, and a defense rating of 91. He also has great passing, dribbling, and physical stats, making him the top choice for a CDM in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Q3: Is there an alternative to N’Golo Kanté as the best CDM in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

A3: Yes, another great option is Casemiro of Real Madrid. He has an overall rating of 88, an attack rating of 82, and a defense rating of 88. He also has great passing, dribbling, and physical stats, making him a great alternative to N’Golo Kanté as the best CDM in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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