IU Basketball Games: The Most Exciting Games of the Year

If you’re looking for some of the most exciting basketball games of the year, you’ll want to check out the Indiana University Hoosiers. From their nail-biting Big Ten matchups to their annual showdown with cross-state rival Purdue, the Hoosiers always deliver on court.


Basketball season is upon us, and that means it’s time for some exciting IU basketball games! The Hoosiers have a long tradition of success on the court, and they always seem to bring their best when it comes to big games. This year is no different, as IU has already scheduled some impressive match-ups. Here are some of the most exciting games of the year that you won’t want to miss:

The Most Exciting Games of the Year

As the season gets underway, there are a few games that stand out as the most exciting of the year. Here are four games that basketball fans should be sure to watch:

1. The season opener against cross-town rival Purdue on November 5th.

2. The Home game against Michigan State on February 28th.

3. The conference tournament opener against Wisconsin on March 11th.

4. The NCAA tournament game against Kentucky on March 26th.

Why Fans Love Them

No matter what your favorite college team is, there’s no denying that IU basketball games are some of the most exciting of the year. Here’s why fans can’t get enough of them:

1. The atmosphere is electric. From the student section to the general seating area, everyone is pumped up and ready to cheer on the team.

2. The players are incredible. Some of the best college basketball players in the country suit up for IU, so you know you’re in for a treat when you watch them play.

3. The games are always close. No matter what the score is, you always feel like either team could come out on top. That’s part of what makes them so exciting to watch!

4. You never know what’s going to happen. With so much talent on both sides, anything can happen during an IU game. That’s part of what makes them so fun to watch – you never know what’s going to happen next.

The players

The Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball team is one of the most storied programs in all of college basketball They have won five National Championships and their games are always exciting to watch. The players on the team are some of the best in the country, and they always give their fans a great show.

The Atmosphere

The games are truly some of the most exciting times of the year. No other school has the same feeling as when all of Indiana comes together to support the Hoosiers. Assembly Hall is always sold out, and there is a tremendous amount of school pride that fills the arena. The fans are passionate and knowledgeable about the game, and they truly make Assembly Hall one of the best places to watch a college basketball game

The History

The history of IU basketball is a storied one, full of exciting games and incredible moments. For diehard fans, there is nothing quite like watching an IU game. Here is a brief history of the team and some of the most exciting games they have played.

Indiana University has one of the most successful basketball programs in history. The team has won five NCAA Championships and numerous conference titles. They have produced many legendary players, such as Bob Knight, Steve Alford, and Calbert Cheaney.IU has a long-standing rivalry with the University of Kentucky which is often considered one of the best college basketball rivalries in history.

Some of the most exciting IU games in recent years have been against Kentucky. In 2011, IU beat Kentucky 73-72 in an epic come-from-behind victory. In 2012, IU upset then-undefeated Kentucky 103-99 in double overtime. These are just two examples of the many thrilling games that IU has played against their rivals.

Whether you are a diehard fan or just enjoy watching exciting basketball games IU games are definitely worth checking out.

The Rivalries

The Rivalries

The IU Basketball Games are some of the most exciting games of the year. The rivalries between the teams are intense, and the fans are passionate. The games are always close, and the atmosphere is electric. If you’re looking for a great game to watch, an IU basketball game is a perfect choice

The Future

In just a few short years, the IU Basketball Program has become one of the most exciting and watched programs in the country. With a young core of talented players, led by superstar guard Victor Oladipo the future looks bright for the Hoosiers. While there have been some ups and downs in recent years there is no doubt that the IU Basketball Program is on the rise and looks poised to compete for championships in the near future.


In conclusion, the IU Basketball Games are the most exciting games of the year. The players are extremely talented and dedicated to their sport, and the fans are passionate and supportive. The atmosphere at these games is electric, and it’s always a great time.

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