Regis Jesuit Baseball: A Team to Watch

Regis Jesuit Baseball is a team to watch out for this season. They have a strong lineup and are looking to make a run at the state championship

Why Regis Jesuit High School’s baseball team is worth watching

With a new season comes new hope for teams across the country. For Regis Jesuit High School that means hoping to build on last year’s success. The team had a great season, culminating in a trip to the State Tournament

This year, the team is looking even stronger. They have a core group of players who have been together for several years and have developed great chemistry. In addition, they have a new Head Coach who bring fresh energy and ideas to the team.

With all of this talent and potential, Regis Jesuit is definitely a team to Watch This Season They have the ability to make a deep run in the State Tournament and bring home a championship.

The team’s successes so far

The Regis Jesuit Baseball Team has had a lot of success in recent years The team has won back-to-back State Championships and is currently ranked #1 in the nation by perfect game The team is made up of mostly juniors and seniors, with a few sophomores sprinkled in. They are led by their head coach Matt Darr, who has been with the team since its inception. The team’s primary goal is to win another state championship but they also have their sights set on a National Championship

The talented players on the team

The Regis Jesuit baseball team is loaded with top-notch talent. The team is anchored by some of the best pitchers in the state, as well as some very dangerous hitters. The team has been dominating their opponents so far this season, and they look poised to make a deep run in the playoffs.

The team’s coaches

The team’s coaches are Justin Ducey and Curt Kaiser. They have both been with the team since its inception in 2014. Coach Ducey is the Head Coach and Coach Kaiser is the Assistant Head coach

The team’s home field

The Regis Jesuit Raiders baseball team is a team to watch this season. The team’s home field is located at the Regis Jesuit high school in Denver, Colorado. The school is part of the 5A Centennial League

The team’s schedule

The Regis Jesuit Baseball Team is a squad to watch this Spring. The team is lead by Senior Nathan Holbrook who has verbally committed to play college baseball at the University of Notre Dame

The Raiders have a very tough schedule this season, with games against some of the best teams in the state. The following is the team’s schedule:

03/02 – Regis Jesuit vs Cherry Creek
03/03 – Regis Jesuit vs Cherokee Trail
03/05 – Regis Jesuit vs Arapahoe

The team’s rivals

As the Regis Jesuit Baseball team enters the 2014 season, they do so ranked as the pre-season number one team in Colorado by MaxPreps. This is not the first time that the Raiders have been highly touted going into a season, but this year’s team has a chance to do something that no other Regis Jesuit baseball team has done before; win a state championship The road to a state title will not be easy, as the Raiders have several tough rivals, both in and out of their conference.

The team’s fans

The Regis Jesuit baseball team has a strong and supportive fan base. The team’s fans are passionate about the sport and have a deep understanding of the game. They are also very supportive of the team’s players and coaches

The team’s merchandise

The Regis Jesuit Baseball Team is a popular one, and their merchandise is highly coveted. Fans can purchase shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and more with the team’s logo on it. The team’s apparel is stylish and well-made, and it’s a great way to show support for the squad.

The team’s support staff

The Regis Jesuit baseball team has a strong support staff that helps the team succeed. The team’s head coach is Steve Johnson who has been with the team for eight years. He is assisted by his wife, Jane, who is the team’s pitching coach. Steve and Jane have two sons, Alex and Nick, who both play on the team. Alex is a senior and Nick is a sophomore. The Johnsons’ daughter, Sarah, is the team’s head trainer.

The team’s support staff also includes assistant coaches Matt Schmitt and Joe D’Angelo. Schmitt is in his first year with the team and D’Angelo is in his second year. Schmitt played baseball at Regis Jesuit high school and then went on to play at the University of Notre Dame D’Angelo played baseball at Regis Jesuit and then went on to play at Dartmouth College.

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