Lake Dallas Baseball: A League of Their Own

Lake Dallas baseball is a league of their own, providing top-notch baseball instruction and competition for players of all ages.


Lake Dallas baseball is a league of their own. The team is made up of former Division 1 college baseball players who have all decided to play ball together in the North Texas area. Lake Dallas Baseball has successfully been able to bring in some of the best players from around the country to play for the team. While most of the roster is from Texas, Florida, and California, the team has also had success in recruiting players from as far away as New York and Puerto Rico

The History of Lake Dallas Baseball

Lake Dallas baseball has a long and storied history. The team was founded in 1952, and they have been playing in the Texas League ever since. They have won the League Championship five times, most recently in 2016. The team is currently in the midst of a long-term rebuild, and they are hoping to return to their winning ways in the near future.

The League’s Beginnings

Lake Dallas Baseball: A League of Their Own is a independent baseball league located in Lake Dallas, Texas. The league was founded in 2009 by former Major League pitcher and currentLake Dallas mayor, Randy Flores. The league is made up of eight teams, each of which plays a 28 game schedule during the summer months.

The league’s Board of Directors is made up of Flores, two other former Major League players, and two local businessmen. is the official website of the league, which is also affiliated with the independent American Association.

The First Season

In the spring of 2019, the Lake Dallas high school baseball team made school history. For the first time ever, the team made it to the playoffs. That’s an impressive accomplishment for any team, but it’s especially impressive for a team that’s only in its first season.

The Lake Dallas baseball team was formed in 2018, after the school district decided to consolidate its two high schools, Lake Dallas and Corinth. The decision was controversial, but ultimately it was decided that Lake Dallas would be the only High School in the district.

With two high schools becoming one, there were bound to be some changes. One of those changes was that Lake Dallas would no longer have a separate Baseball Team Instead, the district would have one baseball team that represented both high schools.

The decision to consolidate the teams was met with mixed reactions from students, parents, and community members. Some people thought it was a great idea because it would save money and resources. Others thought it was a terrible idea because they believed it would take away from the tradition of both schools.

Regardless of the mixed reactions, the consolidation went ahead as planned and the new Lake Dallas baseball team was formed. The team consisted of players from both Lake Dallas and Corinth.

The first season was definitely a learning experience for everyone involved. The coaches had to figure out how to manage two different groups of players with two different sets of skills and traditions. The players had to learn how to play with and against new teammates who were once rivals.

Despite all of the challenges,

The Second Season

After a very successful inaugural season, the Lake Dallas Baseball Team is looking forward to their second season. The team is made up of players from all over the world, including the United States Japan, and South Korea

The team is managed by Lake Dallas resident, Mike Cahill. Coach Cahill has been involved in baseball for over 30 years. He played professionally in the minor leagues and has also coached at the collegiate level. His wealth of knowledge and experience has helped the team to be successful in their first season, and they are looking to continue that success in their second season.

The team will once again be playing their home games at Lake Dallas high school The stadium has been renovated and is now one of the best facilities in North Texas The team is excited to be able to play in such a great stadium and are looking forward to another great season of baseball.

The Third Season

Now in its third season, the Lake Dallas Baseball team is made up of players from all over the world, united by their love of the game.

The team was founded in 2016 by former professional baseball player Mike Peters, and his wife, Amy. Peters had always dreamed of starting his own baseball team and when he retired from professional baseball he decided to make his dream a reality.

The team is made up of players from all over the world, united by their love of the game. The roster includes players from the United States Canada, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the Dominican Republic

The team plays its home games at Lake Dallas high school The stadium is located in a beautiful setting on the shores of Lake Lewisville.

The team has been very successful in its first two seasons. In 2016, they won the inaugural season championship. In 2017, they made it to the playoffs but lost in the first round.

This year, the team is looking to build on its success and make it back to the playoffs. With a talented roster and a passionate fan base, anything is possible for Lake Dallas Baseball.

The Fourth Season

The fourth season of Lake Dallas Baseball is now underway, and the team is looking to build on the success of the previous three seasons. The league has made some adjustments to the rules for this season, but the biggest change is the addition of a new team. The new team, the Texas Rangers will be based in Dallas and will compete in the same division as the Lake Dallas baseball team

The Fifth Season

Lake Dallas Baseball is gearing up for their fifth season in the spring of 2020. The team has seen a lot of success in their short time in the league, but they are hoping to take it to the next level this year. With a strong group of returners and some new additions, they feel confident they can make a run at the championship.

The Sixth Season

The Lake Dallas baseball league is entering its sixth season and things are looking up. In the past, the league has been plagued by low turnout and a lack of interest from the local community. However, this year things are different.

The league has worked hard to increase its visibility and attract new players. As a result, there is a newfound excitement surrounding the league. This year, the league is expanding to include two new teams, the Blazers and the Bombers.

With more teams comes more competition, and the players are ready to take their game to the next level. The league has also implemented new rules and regulations in order to create a more fair and fun playing experience for all.

With all of these changes, one thing remains the same: Lake Dallas Baseball is a league of their own.

The Future of Lake Dallas Baseball

The future of Lake Dallas Baseball is looking bright with the recent addition of a new Head Coach and the successful 2018 season. The team is confident that they can build on their previous successes and continue to compete at a high level in the years to come.

With the support of the community, the team is committed to providing a positive experience for all who participate in Lake Dallas Baseball. They are dedicated to teaching the Game of Baseball and developing character in young athletes The team is also committed to promoting sportsmanship and fair play.

The Lake Dallas Baseball Team is looking forward to an exciting future as they continue to strive for excellence on and off the field.

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