The Top 5 NBA Illusions of All Time

The Top 5 Nba Illusions of All Time

1. Kobe Bryant’s “Mamba Mentality”

2. Michael Jordan’s “Crossover”

3. LeBron James’ “The Block”

4. Magic Johnson’s “no-look pass”

5. Larry Bird’s “steal”

The Top 5 NBA Illusions of All Time

1. Kobe Bryant’s fake-out pass in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals
2. Dwyane Wade’s euro-step in the 2006 NBA Finals
3. Steph Curry’s side-step three-pointer in the 2016 NBA Finals
4. Michael Jordan’s “double clutch” layup in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals
5. LeBron James’ game-winning block in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals

The 5 Greatest NBA Illusions of All Time

The NBA has given us some of the greatest athletes of all time. These men seem to defy gravity with their agility, strength, and style. But every now and then, they pull off something so jaw-droppingly impossible that it can only be described as an illusion.

Here are the top 5 greatest NBA illusions of all time:

5) Kobe Bryant’s “No Look” Pass
In 2006, Kobe Bryant pulled off a no-look pass that bamboozled not only the opposing team but also the announcers calling the game. With his back to the basket, Kobe threw a perfect pass between his legs to teammate Kwame Brown who was cutting to the hoop for an easy layup.

4) LeBron James’ “Phantom” Shot Block
In a 2014 game against the Charlotte Bobcats Lebron James made it look like he block two shots in quick succession when in reality he only blocked one. The first block was so clean that Charlotte’s Kemba Walker thought he had gotten past LeBron and went up for a shot, only to have LeBron meet him at the rim and swat his shot away. The second block was on Walker’s teammate Solomon Hill, who LeBron incredibly predicted would try to tip in the miss.

3) Rajon Rondo’s “Hidden Ball” Trick
Rajon Rondo is known for his amazing vision and court awareness, and he put both on display with this “hidden ball trick” against the Indiana Pacers in 2012. Rondo dribbled behind his back and between his legs multiple times to lull Pacers defender Paul George into thinking he had lost control of the ball. George reached in for what he thought was a steal, but Rondo still had control and went around him for an easy layup.

2) Steve Nash’s “Spin Cycle” Move
In 2006, Steve Nash crossed up defender Marcus Banks so badly with a series of between-the-leg dribbles that Banks ended up spinning around in circles chasing him. Nash then calmly stepped back and hit a jumper right in Banks’ face. This move has come to be known as the “Spin Cycle.”

1) Michael Jordan’s Iconic Free Throw Line Dunk
In 1988, Michael Jordan took flight from the free throw line and dunked the ball with such power that it is still considered one of the greatest dunks of all time. This awe-inspiring dunk earned Jordan the nickname “Air Jordan” and cemented his status as one of basketball’s all-time greats.

The 5 Most Impressive NBA Illusions of All Time

In the world of Professional Basketball there are countless talented athletes who have the ability to deceive their opponents with their mastery of the game. From behind-the-back passes to between-the-legs dribbles, these players have mastered the art of the illusion and used it to their advantage on the court.

Here are 5 of the most impressive NBA illusions of all time:

1. between-the-legs pass by Shaquille O’Neal
2. no-look pass by Jason Kidd
3. between-the-legs dribble by Allen Iverson
4. 360° dunk by Vince Carter
5. blindfolded free throw by Harlem Globetrotters

The 5 Most Unbelievable NBA Illusions of All Time

From between-the-leg dribbles to no look passes, the NBA is full of unbelievable moves that leave fans asking, “How did they do that?” Here are the top 5 NBA illusions of all time:

1. Steph Curry’s between-the-legs dribble
In 2016, Steph Curry pulled off one of the most unbelievable dribbling moves in NBA history In a game against the Portland Trail Blazers Curry crossed up defender Meyers Leonard with a between-the-legs dribble before sinking a three-pointer.

2. Jamal Crawford’s double between-the-legs crossover
In a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2014, jamal crawford crossed up defender Thabo Sefolosha not once, but twice with a double between-the-legs crossover. To make the move even more impressive, Crawford finished it off with a Step Back jump shot

3. James Harden’s between-the-legs step back three pointer
In 2018, James Harden added to his already extensive highlight reel with an incredible between-the-legs step back three pointer. Harden crossed up Wesley Johnson before spinning the ball behind his back and sinking the long range shot.

4. Kyrie Irving’s no look pass
During his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving routinely left fans and defenders alike asking, “How did he do that?” One of Irving’s most impressive moves came in 2015 when he dished out a no look pass to Lebron James for an easy layup.

5. Steve Nash’s no look reverse layup pass
In 2006, Steve Nash proved that he wasn’t just one of the best shooters in NBA history but also one of the best passers. Nash showed off his incredible vision and passing ability with a no look reverse layup pass to Amar’e Stoudemire that left everyone in awe.

The 5 craziest NBA Illusions of All Time

In the world of professional basketball there have been some incredible players who have graced the court with their talents. But every once in a while, there is an player who comes along and completely changes the game with their unique skillset. These are the players who create illusions on the court that leave fans and defenders alike baffled.

In no particular order, here are the top 5 NBA illusions of all time:

1. Kobe Bryant’s ‘Phantom Shot’
2. Allen Iverson’s Crossover dribble
3. James Harden’s Step-back Jumper
4. LeBron James’ No-look Passes
5. Magic Johnson’s No-look Assist

The 5 Most Outrageous NBA Illusions of All Time

We’re used to seeing some pretty sick crossovers and dribbling moves in the NBA, but every now and then, a player will come along and do something so outrageous that it seems like pure sorcery. Here are five of the most mind-bending, jaw-dropping illusions in NBA history

1) Jason Richardson’s crossover dribble against Derek Anderson
In 2006, then-Warriors guard Jason Richardson dribbled right at then-Bobcats guard Derek Anderson crossed the ball over to his left hand, and watched Anderson completely lose his balance and fall to the ground. To this day, nobody is quite sure how Richardson pulled it off.

2) Kyrie Irving’s crossover dribble against Brandon Knight
In 2013, then-Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving made then-Pistons guard Brandon Knight look like a complete fool with a sick crossover dribble that left Knight sprawling on the ground. Irving would go on to win Rookie of the Year that season.

3) Allen Iverson’s Crossover dribble against Michael Jordan
In 1998, then-Sixers guard Allen Iverson crossed over then-Bulls legend Michael Jordan so bad that Jordan fell to the ground. The move was so outrageous that even Iverson couldn’t believe he pulled it off, and it has gone down as one of the most iconic moments in NBA history

4) Jamal Crawford’s Crossover dribble against Dwight Howard
In 2008, then-Knicks guard Jamal Crawford crossed over then-Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard so badly that Howard ended up on his backside. The move was so impressive that even Crawford couldn’t believe he did it, and it has since been immortalized in a statue outside of Madison Square Garden

5) Kobe Bryant’s Crossover dribble againstJason Terry
In 2012, then-Lakers guard Kobe Bryant crossed over then-Boston Celtics guard Jason Terry so badly that Terry lost his footing and went sprawling to the ground. The move was one of many highlights in what was an MVP season for Bryant.

The 5 Most Hilarious NBA Illusions of All Time

We all know that the NBA is full of tricksters and cheaters. But every now and then, someone gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar and we all get to laugh at their expense. Here are the five most hilarious NBA illusions of all time.

5. Kobe Bryant’s ‘Phantom Pass’
In 2006, Kobe Bryant was known for his “Phantom Pass” move, which he would use to fool defenders into thinking he was passing the ball, when really he was just dribbling it between his legs. This particular play happened during a game against the Houston Rockets when Bryant used the move to fake out Shane Battier and score an easy basket.

4. Michael Jordan’s ‘Powder Kegger’
One of Michael Jordan’s most famous plays came during a game against the Utah Jazz in 1997. With the game on the line, Jordan hit a jumper over Bryon Russell to give the Chicago Bulls a lead they would never relinquish. But what made this play even more memorable was Jordan’s celebratory “powder keg” celebration afterwards.

3. LeBron James’ ‘The Block’
Lebron James has had countless highlights in his career, but none quite as iconic as “The Block.” In Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals James chased down Andre Iguodala and blocked his would-be tying layup attempt, preserving a lead for the Cleveland Cavaliers that helped them win the game and ultimately the championship.

2. Dwyane Wade’s ‘The Flop’
Dwyane Wade is no stranger to flopping, but this particular flop might be his most famous one. In Game 3 of the 2006 NBA Finals Wade hit a jumper over Dallas Mavericks defender Jose Barea and then proceeded to hit the floor like he had been shot out of a cannon. The referees bought Wade’s flop and he was awarded two Free throws which helped seal a Miami Heat victory.

1. Shaquille O’Neal’s ‘free throw Trick Shot’
Last but not least is Shaquille O’Neal’s free throw trick shot during a game against the Charlotte Hornets in 1995. O’Neal was known for having brick-hands when it came to Free throws so Hornets center Alonzo Mourning decided to play some gamesmanship and deliberately fouled him in order to send him to the line. But instead of missing both free throws like Mourning expected him to do, O’Neal made both shots while spinning 360 degrees before releasing them

The 5 Most Memorable NBA Illusions of All Time

In the world of basketball, some of the most exciting moments are when a player makes an incredible move that fools their defender. These types of plays are often referred to as “illusions.”

While there have been many great NBA illusions over the years, some stand out more than others. Here are the five most memorable NBA illusions of all time:

1. Kobe Bryant’s “shake and bake” move against Wesley Matthews
2. Dwyane Wade’s between-the-legs crossover against Cavs’ rookie Darius Miles
3. Allen Iverson’s crossover on Michael Jordan
4. Derrick Rose’s behind-the-back crossover on John Wall
5. Chris Paul’s between-the-legs dribble against Derrick Favors

The 5 Most Iconic NBA Illusions of All Time

In the world of professional basketball there’s nothing quite like an illusion.

Whether it’s a crossover dribble that leaves the defender in the dust, a behind-the-back pass that hits the cutter in stride, or a no-look shot that finds nothing but net, these moments can leave fans and opposing players alike absolutely mesmerized.

While such highlights are often referred to as “plays,” there’s something about an illusion that makes it feel like so much more. Perhaps it’s because these moments offer a glimpse into the improbable, or maybe it’s because they require a level of creativity and artistry that few players are capable of consistently achieving.

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that NBA illusions are some of the most exciting and memorable moments in all of sports. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five of the most iconic examples in league history.

The 5 Most Legendary NBA Illusions of All Time

1. Michael Jordan’s Flu Game
2. Kobe Bryant’s Achilles Injury
3. Rajon Rondo’s Fake Injury
4. LeBron James’ Cramps
5. Dwyane Wade’s Knee

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