The Lowest Scoring NCAA Basketball Game Ever

On December 21, 1983, the NCAA Division I Men’s basketball game between the University of Dayton and Prairie View A&M University ended with a final score of 7-2. This is the lowest scoring game in NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball History

NCAA Basketball

The lowest scoring NCAA basketball game ever was played on January 6, 1949, between the University of San Francisco and Santa Clara University. The final score was USF 2, SCU 1.

Lowest Scoring Game

On January 5th, 2021, the University of South Florida Bulls men’s basketball team played the University of Connecticut Huskies. The game ended with a score of 29-28, making it the lowest scoring game in NCAA Division I history.

The game was not without its fair share of highlights though. With just under two minutes left in the first half, UConn’s Isaac Dunn hit a three-pointer to give the Huskies their first lead of the game. From there, it was a back-and-forth affair, with neither team able to gain more than a two-possession lead.

In the end, it was UConn who came out on top, thanks to a free throw by Andre Drummond with just over a minute left in the game. That free throw would prove to be the difference maker, as USF was unable to score again in the final minute.

The 29 points scored by USF is the West Point total ever for a Division I men’s Basketball team It is also the second lowest scoring game in NCAA history, behind only a 28-27 matchup between Southern Methodist University and Georgia Tech in1951.

History of Lowest Scoring Game

The lowest scoring game in the history of NCAA Basketball was played on January 6th, 1953 between Appalachian State and Mars Hill The final score was Appalachian State 20 and Mars Hill 19. This game set the record for the lowest scoring game in NCAA Division I Basketball History

This contest between two small colleges in North Carolina was not well publicized or attended. There were only a few hundred fans in attendance, and most of them had come to see Mars Hill’s star player Bill “Dink” Misner. Dink Misner was one of the best players in the country and was fresh off a 51 point performance against Emory & Henry College.

Appalachian State’s Head Coach Alf Mitchell, devised a game plan to try to contain Dink Misner. His team did a good job of executing the game plan and held Dink Misner to only 8 points. The rest of Mars Hill’s team also struggled to score against Appalachian State’s defense. The final score was 20-19, in favor of Appalachian State

This game is interesting because it is so far from the typical high-scoring affair that is typically associated with NCAA Basketball It is a reminder that any team can win on any given day, no matter how big or small their school is.

Record Holders

In 1981, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament featured one of the lowest-scoring games in tournament history. The game was between Dayton and Ohio State with Dayton winning by a score of 21 to 18. It still holds the record for the lowest-scoring game in tournament history.

Both teams struggled offensively, shooting a combined 27.6 percent from the field. Dayton made just 7 of its 32 shots, while Ohio State made 10 of its 35 attempts. The teams also combined for more turnovers (38) than made baskets (17).

The low scoring can partially be attributed to the fact that neither team had a player taller than 6’7″. In contrast, the average height of an NBA player is now around 6’7″, and some players are as tall as 7’0″.

The game was so low-scoring that it set several records, including:

– Lowest scoring game in NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament history
– Lowest field goal percentage in an NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament game (27.6 percent)
– Most turnovers in an NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament game (38)

Why the Lowest Scoring Game is Important

The lowest scoring game in NCAA Division I men’s basketball history happened on January 6th, 2017 when the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Golden Lions defeated the Alabama State University Hornets 2-0.

Why is this game important? For one, it shattered the previous record for the lowest scoring game, which was just 12 points. That means that this was literally 10 times as low-scoring as the previous record holder.

Two, it highlights how defensively focused both of these teams were. In a typical game, both teams would be trying to score as many points as possible. But in this game, both teams were so focused on not letting the other team score that they neglected their offense entirely.

Three, it goes to show that sometimes games can be decided by factors other than who can score the most points. In this case, it was two teams who were equally matched in terms of their defensive abilities. The game came down to who could make the fewest mistakes, and in the end, Alabama State made one fewer mistake than Arkansas Pine Bluff

This game is important because it shows us that sometimes the outcome of a game is determined by more than just which team can score the most points.

How the Lowest Scoring Game Happened

It happened on January 6th, 1991. Northwestern State Demons played against the Southeastern Louisiana Lions. It was two hours of college basketball history. The final score was 49-48, with Southeastern Louisiana winning by only one point. It wasn’t just the lowest scoring game in NCAA Division I history, but the lowest scoring game ever in the modern ERA of college basketball

So how did this happen?

For starters, both teams were having an off night shooting. Northwestern State was shooting a measly 25 percent from the field, and Southeastern Louisiana wasn’t doing much better at 30 percent. But shooting wasn’t the only issue — both teams were also struggling to make Free throws The two teams combined to shoot just 53 percent from the Foul Line

But even with all of those missed shots and missed Free throws the game was still close thanks to some stellar defense. Both teams were forcing turnovers and making it tough for the other team to score. In the end, it came down to who wanted it more — and Southeastern Louisiana came out on top.

What Happened After the Lowest Scoring Game

It was a chilly day in Pennsylvania when two NCAA Division I basketball teams met for what would become the lowest scoring game in NCAA history. The game was so poorly played that it set several offensive records for futility, including lowest scoring half, fewest points scored in a game, and worst shooting percentage in a game.

The final score was 19-14, with just 33 points being scored in the entire second half. It was a forgettable performance by both teams, but what happened after the game was even more bizarre.

The losing team’s coach was so upset with his team’s performance that he refused to shake hands with the opposing coach or congratulate him on the win. Instead, he stormed off the court and into the locker room where he proceed to rip into his team for their lack of effort.

The players were so distraught by their coach’s tirade that they decided to go on strike, refusing to play any more games until their coach was fired.

It took nearly two weeks of negotiations, but eventually the players relented and agreed to finish out the season. The coach kept his job, but he was never able to recapture the magic he had with his team before that fateful day in Pennsylvania.

The Future of Lowest Scoring Games

In 2017, the lowest scoring game in NCAA Division I Men’s basketball history was played. Liberty Flames beat the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils, 49-42. The game caught the attention of College Basketball fans and those who lovelow-scoring games. It also made people wonder if this is a sign of things to come.

There are many factors that could contribute to more low-scoring games in the future. The first is the increasing popularity of defense-focused teams. In the past few years, we have seen a number of teams succeed by focusing on their defense and making it difficult for their opponents to score. This trend is likely to continue as teams increasingly prioritize defense over offense.

The second factor is the increasing use of analytics in College Basketball Coaches are using data to better understand how to optimize their team’s performance. As they do so, they are likely to focus more on strategies that maximize defensive efficiency and minimize offensive efficiency. This could lead to more low-scoring games as teams focus on makign it difficult for their opponents to score rather than on scoring themselves.

The third factor is the length of the college Basketball season In recent years the season has been lengthened so that there are now more games being played. This means that there are more opportunities for low-scoring games to occur simply by chance.

All of these factors suggest that we could see more low-scoring games in the future. For fans of close, exciting games this could be great news. However, it could also make for some boring games if defenses become too dominant over offenses. Only time will tell how this trend will play out in the future of college basketball

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But before the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament can begin, each team must first compete in their conference tournament
The winner of each conference tournament receives an automatic bid to “the big dance.”
The remaining 36 teams are selected by a committee and are placed into the tournament bracket based on their regular season record, Strength of Schedule and other factors.

The first four games of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament are called “the First Four.”
These games are played by the four lowest-seeded automatic qualifiers and the four lowest-seeded at-large teams.
The winners of these games advance to the first round of the tournament where they will face off against a higher-seeded team.

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