Carmel High School Basketball Schedule

The Carmel High School Basketball Schedule for the 2019-2020 Season is now available. Check out the schedule and make sure to come out and support the team!

Carmel high school Basketball Schedule

The Carmel high school Basketball Schedule is as follows:

December 7 2019 @ 5:30pm Home game vs. Willows High School
December 14 2019 @ 5:30pm Away Game vs. Notre Dame High School
December 21 2019 @ 3:00pm Home Game vs. Saint Ignatius Prep

Carmel high school Basketball Roster

Carmel high school Basketball Schedule
-12/1 vs. North Central
-12/5 vs. Hamilton Southeastern
-12/8 vs. Noblesville
-12/12 vs. Westfield
-12/15 vs. Zionsville
-12/19 vs. Guerin Catholic
-1/2 vs. Fishers
-1/5 vs. Cathedral

Carmel high school Basketball Scores

The Carmel high school Basketball Schedule for the 2020-2021 Season has not yet been released. Stay tuned for updates!

Carmel High School Basketball Standings

The Carmel high school basketball Standings shows the current Carmel high school basketball season’s standings.

Carmel high school Basketball Playoffs

The Carmel High School basketball team will be playing in the playoffs on the following dates:

January 8: Away vs. Fishers High School

January 10: Home vs. Hamilton Southeastern High School

January 12: Away vs. Noblesville High School

Carmel high school basketball Coaches

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Carmel High school basketball Tickets

Carmel High School is pleased to offer advance purchase tickets for all home basketball games Tickets will be available for purchase online or at the Carmel High School Athletic Office. Please note that all games are subject to change, so be sure to check the schedule often.

Home Game tickets
-Adults: $5.00
-Students/Senior Citizens: $3.00
-Children 5 & Under: Free

Carmel high school basketball Camps

Carmel High School will be hosting several basketball camps this summer for children of all ages. The camps will be held at the school’s gymnasium and will feature instruction from Carmel High’s experienced Basketball Coaches

The camps will be divided into two age groups: 6-8 years old and 9-12 years old. Each camp session will last for one week, and participants will receive a Carmel high school basketball Camp t-shirt.

The cost of each camp session is $100, and registration can be done online or in person at the Carmel High School Athletic Department office.

Carmel High School Basketball Alumni

Carmel High school has a long and proud tradition of basketball excellence. Many of our alumni have gone on to play at the collegiate level, and several have even gone on to play professionally. We are very proud of our Basketball Program and the accomplishments of our alumni.

If you are a Carmel High School Basketball alumni, we would love to hear from you! Please Stay Connected with us by following us on social media or subscribing to our mailing list.

Carmel high school basketball Fans

Carmel high school offers a wide variety of sports throughout the year. One sport that Carmel students and fans enjoy is basketball. Carmel High School has both a boys’ Basketball team and a girls’ basketball team If you’re a fan of either team, or if you’re just looking to support Carmel high school check out the schedule below to see when the next game is.

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