NBA Players and Their Cars

Many NBA players have Expensive Taste when it comes to their cars. Check out this blog post to see what some of your favorite NBA players are driving around in!

NBA players and their cars: an introduction

An NBA player’s car is a status symbol. It’s a way for the player to show off their wealth and success. It’s also a way for the player to connect with their fans. Many players have car collections that are worth millions of dollars.

The most popular cars among NBA players are Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and Rolls-Royces. Players also like to drive cars that are flashy and unique, such as the Batmobile or the tricked-out Mercedes Benz S-Class.

Some NBA players have even designed their own cars. Lebron James has his own line of luxury cars called the Lebron James Signature Series. Kobe Bryant has his own line of luxury cars called the Kobe Bryant Signature Series.

Players love to show off their cars on social media They will post pictures of their cars on Instagram and Twitter, and they will often give tours of their car collections on YouTube. Fans love to see what their favorite players are driving, and they love to drool over the luxury cars that they can never afford.

NBA players and their cars: the good

There are a lot of NBA players with nice cars. In fact, driving around in a luxury car is practically a rite of passage for many young, successful athletes. It’s a way to show off their success and to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Some NBA players have even taken to customizing their cars, adding personal touches that make them stand out even more. For example, Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder has been known to add graffiti to his cars. Other players have made their cars even more unique by adding custom paint jobs or cus*tom-made wheels.

Of course, not all NBA players drive nice cars. Some prefer to keep things more low-key and drive something more practical. But for those players who do have nice cars, it’s clear that they enjoy showing them off!

NBA players and their cars: the bad

The National Basketball Association has seen its share of players with flashy cars and an even bigger taste for spending. As the salaries of these athletes have ballooned, so too have the prices of their luxury cars. But not all NBA players are wise with their money, and some have been caught driving cars that are way out of their price range. Here are some of the worst offenders.

Carmelo Anthony: Rolls-Royce Wraith

The New York Knicks forward has an estimated net worth of $85 million, so you would think he could afford a Rolls-Royce Wraith. Unfortunately, Anthony is reportedly behind on his payments for the luxury car, and the vehicle was recently repossessed.

Kristaps Porzingis: Mercedes-Benz S600

Another Knicks player, Kristaps Porzingis is also having trouble with his car payments. The Latvian forward bought a Mercedes-Benz S600, which has a starting price of $183,000. But like Anthony, Porzingis reportedly fell behind on his payments and had the car repossessed.

Allen Iverson: Bentley Continental GT

Former NBA MVP Allen Iverson is no stranger to financial troubles. The retired player has had several luxury cars repossessed over the years, including a Bentley Continental GT. Iverson was reportedly driving the car when it was taken back by the lender in 2009.

NBA players and their cars: the ugly

Some NBA players have a thing for cars. They love to flaunt their wealth and status by driving around in the latest and greatest luxury vehicles. Others, not so much. In fact, there are some NBA players out there with some pretty ugly cars. Here’s a look at a few of them.

NBA players and their cars: the expensive

While some NBA Players are happy to tool around in a modest sedan or SUV, others spare no expense when it comes to their wheels. Here are just a few of the most expensive cars owned by NBA superstars.

· DeAndre Jordan – Rolls Royce Wraith: $300,000
· Lebron James – Porsche 911 Turbo S: $250,000
· Kobe Bryant – Ferrari 360 Modena: $170,000
· Dwyane Wade – Bentley Continental GT: $160,000
· Carmelo Anthony – Maybach 57S: $155,000

NBA players and their cars: the economical

Not all NBA players spend lavishly on their cars; some are more economical. For example, Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets drives a Lincoln Continental, which has a base price of $46,335.

NBA players and their cars: the interesting

Most NBA players can afford pretty much any car they want. But, with a few exceptions, they don’t go for the high-end luxury cars that you might expect. Instead, many of them choose more interesting, less expensive cars. Here are some examples:

Andre Drummond – Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
Drummond’s car choice is actually pretty normal for a young NBA player The Camaro ZL1 is a powerful muscle car that’s popular with young men in general, not just NBA players It starts at around $64,000, which is affordable for an NBA player but still out of reach for most people.

Blake Griffin – Porsche 911 Turbo S
Griffin’s Porsche 911 Turbo S is one of the more expensive cars on this list. It starts at around $200,000, but it can easily cost much more than that if you customize it the way Griffin has. It’s an impressive car, but it’s not the most practical choice for an NBA player given its low ground clearance and small trunk.

Lebron James – Kia K900
Lebron James isn’t known for his frugality, but he surprised a lot of people when he chose to endorse the Kia K900 instead of a more expensive luxury car. The Kia K900 starts at around $60,000, which is a fraction of the cost of some of the other cars on this list. It’s a practical choice for an NBA Player since it has a large trunk and plenty of legroom in the back seat.

Steph Curry – Audi S5 Sportback
Curry’s car choice is interesting because it’s not a typical SUV or crossover like many other NBA players choose. Instead, he went for the Audi S5 Sportback, which is a stylish and relatively affordable compact luxuary car starting at around $53,000.

NBA players and their cars: the boring

In the world of Professional Basketball players are often associated with their flashy cars and luxury lifestyle. But not all NBA players are showy with their wealth – some prefer to live a more humble lifestyle and drive more budget-friendly cars. Here are some of the more down-to-earth NBA players and the cars they drive.

NBA players and their cars: the unique

While many NBA players enjoy the luxury and status that comes with driving a high-end car, some have opted for something a little more unique. From an ice cream truck to a hearse, here are some of the most interesting cars owned by NBA players

Russell Westbrook: ice cream Truck
The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard is the proud owner of an ice cream truck that he had custom made. He often hands out free ice cream to fans after games.

Rajon Rondo: Custom Hearse
The former Boston Celtics point guard has a very unique taste in cars. He owns a custom hearse that he had made to look like a Batmobile.

Derrick Rose: Lamborghini Aventador
The Chicago Bulls star point guard is the proud owner of a Lamborghini Aventador, which is one of the most popular cars among NBA players

NBA players and their cars: the commonplace

In the NBA, players are some of the most marketed people in the world. They have fans that love to watch them play and see what they’re up to off the court. One of the things that many fans are interested in is what kind of cars NBA players drive. While some may be expected, others may come as a surprise. Here is a list of some NBA players and the cars they drive.

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